Monday, June 7, 2010

You Become Successful by Owning it

An artist came to me today and said "I would like to create somthing like you have done. Youre Amazing." I said good. "You're amazing too, just for wanting to create the life of your dreams as well." We then discussed how to take intention and turn it into action. Without actions out intentions are only potential. the last thing anybody wants after we're gone from the scene is people going around saying. "What a nice person, he or she had such great potentional too." Sound familiar?

Here's what you do and How you begin to do it. Take Ownership of your Success by decision making and focusing on your solutions. There is more than enough of everything out there to go around for you to be successful at what you want whether it's being an artist or anything else.

You are living breathing part of the universe that overflows with abundance in perfect harmony. Breathe in and out and feel the abundance of the universe that keeps you alive. There is a prosperous windfall that awaits you.

Here is a fun excercise I like to do. I will make you think in new ways.

Get a blank note book, I prefer a spiral bound one to keep things organized, and use the following exercises to ignite your success your heart will be open and you will soon learn that the best things in life are available to you and the world is out to do you good.

Ask yourself: "What is my gift?" then find a way to give it to others by asking: "How can I use this gift to serve the world?"
Anyone who seeks to find their passion in life will surely find it in this way.
Be quiet for a few minutes and ask yourself these questions again.

What are your gifts?

One of my gifts is playing Show and Tell, I inspire others and use my creativity as well as make a living doing that.

Get your blank note book and pencil or pen, and start using it to write down your notes and inspirations in.

What are your gifts? List them in your note book.

Now take full credit for your gifts and own them. Across the top of the page where you have written your gifts, write the following statement: “I own and take credit for these gifts I have with love and gratitude.”

Now on a new piece of paper: Make a list of all the things you can accomplish with these gifts and on a scale of one (1) to ten (10) How much do they excite you? Ten being the MOST exciting! (you can have more than one TEN too, don’t worry about this at all.

Only choose those gifts to pursue that truly excite you. The Five’s through the Ten’s, Don’t worry about the others for now.

Draw on a blank piece of paper a simple image, symbol, of what each success gift looks like to you. Our mind see’s in pictures, which we will discuss later. Stick figures are acceptable, the simpler the better and drawn only by you.

How can you use these gifts to serve the world?

How can you make the world a better place sharing your individuality?

People lose that childlike purity and simplicity in what they love to do as they age, however they can cultivate it back. To cultivate what you love takes learning about your awareness and going within yourself to allow your light shine out again. A light that never went out, you just stopped paying attention to it. As you cultivate the awareness of what you love to do make a decision to surround yourself with objects, people, relationships, that reflect your vitality, aliveness and light. You are about to embark on a new journey.

When it comes to decisions about what you love to do, most people put them off, and procrastinate, feeling unworthy and selfish, that is actually a decision too, a decision to stay stuck most of the time. Intention without action is just potential. When you intend to do something, do not be lazy, start following through immediately. Make a decision to move forward and take Ownership of your Success. Decision making and focusing on the solutions then suit up and show up every day for the life of your dreams.

Make a declaration today, right now, sign and date it. A declaration that holds you accountable to study, grow and develop your success then own up to it.

I,____________________________ am committed to my journey of self growth, awareness, abundance and success. I know that I am an unlimited being and I agree to investigate my passions, honor and value my worth and gifts from this point on. I make a decision right now to give myself the best life ever. On these pages I will write and allow myself to dream big, be inspired, create my unlimited reality, and choose beliefs that bring me aliveness and growth. I hereby declare that I will speak of success and prosperity in my words and actions as I inspire and share my insights and gifts with others.

Signed ___________________________________ Date: _____________

Congratulations you have just created a contract for success just for you. Please share this exercise with your friends. Remember there is more than enough success to go around!

Wishing joy and happiness in your travels.
RD Riccoboni, The Art Traveler

P.s Here is great little movie with a great message and example of how our mind sees things in pictures.

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