Saturday, September 17, 2011

Should I join a Club if I have writers block?

Hi RD, I just started writing a novel. I have never done anything like this before.
I wrote one page and now I am stuck. Are there any writing clubs you suggest??
I would love any advice . Thanks and have a great day!

Sincerely, Your writer friend.

Hi  Writer friend, Congratulations on your novel!
WOW that is great! Though I do like to write fiction for myself for fun, my
expertise in writing has been in the personal growth arena, non-fiction. I know
fiction is a very different business arena.

However I do know what it’s like to get creatively stuck.
One thing I do if I am
stuck is just start writing, painting, taking pictures about what is right in
front of my nose. This usually helps me unblock when I keep at it. You know if
you write just one page a day at the end of the year you'd have a 365 page
story! In fact make it a goal to ONLY write one page a day and tell yourself by
this time next year you are going to have an awesome book finished. You'll
unblock easily this way. Give it a try. As your story develops into the book
start telling people about it, like you told me and start building interest. Just
like you told me, and what happened when you told me? You unwittingly got my
interest, and though I have no idea what your book is about something in me
wants to read it. The most important thing about writing your book if you want
people to read it is to market it to the world of potential readers and that
happens way before it’s finished. Do you have a goal of how many you want to
sell? 10, 1000. 10,000.00 one million? Get my drift?  Build excitement inside yourself first and
know exactly and precisely what you want.

I would sign up for a writer business expert workshops, follow a blog and get a
free newsletter tailored to your needs. Find them and friend them on Facebook
too. Many business marketing experts, like my co-author and friend Peggy McColl sends

out a very informative free newsletter on goal setting. I would sign up for one who
you resonate with.  I would definitely consider hiring a coach or
getting a mentor who can help you in that field. Start researching writer
coaches on the internet and sign up for their free newsletters, they are so
valuable! Maybe even go to a writer workshop, those can be pricey but you get
what you pay for. I believe Arielle Ford is doing one in San Diego in early

I don’t belong to any writer/artist groups as I have found most tend to sit
around and commiserate and not accomplish very much and don’t want to either.
Only seek advice from folks who know more about writing than you do. If you do
join any clubs, be sure they are have positive up building influence and can
contribute you your well being. Consider a club that does somthing creatively other than writing,

perhaps photography, or theater, somthing that will inspire a fun story for you to create after experiencing some fun.
Have you read The Artist's Way, by Julia Cameron?
Though it has “Artist“ in the title it's mostly a workshop for writers. Has some awesome exercises in it.

Here’s a little advice from one creative to another. Take it easy, have fun and
don’t forget to breathe! Be sure to also relax and be quite for 5 minutes a day
to refresh your mind, it’s so important for creative’s. So one think I’m going
to ask of you is to find time do this every day. Think about what you really
want to accomplish with this book and feel good about it inside. You might even
want to create a mock up cover for it with a picture, you name and write across
it “YOUR NAME - New York Times Best Selling Author”, Put it up where you can
see it every day! I’m serious, do this! I have done this myself with amazing

I look forward to reading a signed copy of your book! Best wishes! You are on
your way!
RD Riccoboni, The Art Traveler.

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