Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What kind of Art is that?

Umbrella's at the beach in La Jolla Cove, by RD Riccoboni

Always provide the best quality products and service in your business. This honors and values your self worth as an artist and shows your customers that you care about your product and them as well.

Today is a more technical subject on art in my blog. Since people ask at the studio and gallery all the time this question I thought it would be good to share with my artist and collector friends.

Why do Mr. Riccoboni’s prints look like originals?

They are high quality Giclee prints. Giclee’s provide the best quality print in art reproduction business. Some giclee processing is different from others too.

What is a Giclee Print?

Unlike the traditional printing method of lithography, which only uses four colors – cyan, magenta, yellow and black, giclee prints typically consist of six (or more) colors – light cyan, cyan, light magenta, magenta, yellow and black, offering the highest quality giclee prints for sale.

However, at Beacon Artworks Gallery and RD Riccoboni Studio we use the additional two colors of light black and light, light black. This printing method results in an extensive color gamut allowing the print an exact true color representation. The lithography style of printing consists of the use of tiny dots of the four colors that confuse the eye into seeing colors not actually on the print. Giclee actually sprays and mixes the ink on the page creating the actual color desired, creating true giclee fine art prints.

The same printing system we make available to our clientele is commonly found in museums, art galleries, and photographic galleries. Using the new Ultra-Chrome K3 pigmented inkset from Epson, our fine art printers will allow users to print outstanding color and neutral black & white prints on a variety of media. The beauty and brilliance of a pigment giclee fine art print is unparalleled. And they're made to last too! The Epson system of inks and paper have received lightfast permanence ratings from the Wilhelm Research Institute that well exceed 100 yrs (with proper UV protection), so you can be assured that your prints will look just as good in 30 years as they do today.

Whether you choose an RD Riccoboni giclee prints on canvas or another artists work the quality remains outstanding and you are sure to find a treasured heirloom so as with any piece of art never display them in direct sun.

A giclee may cost a little more, so be sure to know you overhead in your business. The good news today is because of advanced technology you no longer have to do a large run of prints, spending thousands of dollars. With giclee printing, your image is stored digitally and you can order one at a time from a reputable printmaker reducing your overhead to near zero.

Follow your passions with common sense and know your bottom line and use new tools from the industry to better your business. That is honoring and valuing your artist creativity and craft as you travel on the road to success.

RD Riccoboni, The Art Traveler

Order a giclee picture of the painting above from the expert printrs at imagekind:
Umbrella's at the beach in La Jolla Cove, by RD Riccoboni

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