Friday, February 26, 2010


Hi I’m RD Riccoboni, I’m a professional artist, best selling author and entrepreneur. My friends call me the art traveler. My successful gallery, Beacon Artworks, is located inside the Fiesta de Reyes hacienda of shops in Old Town San Diego State Historic Park in beautiful San Diego California. Visit the gallery or http://beacon-artworks.com/ or http://rdriccoboni.com/
and see some of my brightly vivid color paintings from my travels around the United States.
You can also sign up for one of my daily art and inspirational messages from me and my friend Jayne Moffitt at http://everydayintentions.com/
This is a pic of my in my Old Town San Diego State Historic Park costumery at the Beacon Artworks Gallery at my easel with the painting Blossom Valley California.

I’m a self-taught artist, who is grateful for encouragement by family and teachers in my formative years that lead to drive and inspiration. Most of my paintings are on canvas and paper depict my travels and local interest. Subjects include California landscape, cityscape, portraiture, street-scenes, public events, and everyday happenings and friends. My bright and happy color palette is derived from the bold colors of the original rainbow flag. These colors represent sexuality, health, sunshine, nature, art, harmony. When painting, I love scenes that represent community, a sense of place in a positive and life affirming manner. As a big fan of architecture and you will see a lot of it in my paintings. Many of these drawings and paintings depict historic buildings, neighborhoods and landscape.
I also love to write and inspire others to follow their passions and dreams as I have done no matter if they are an artist or not. You can read some of my writings in the Best Selling Manifest Success book series by Debbi Chambers. Look for my paintings on the cover!
I look forward to to sharing with you Art, Travels and Inspiration.

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