Friday, February 26, 2010

Painting a picture of the best life ever!

If there was one thing you could change about yourself today what would it be?

A tiny change for the better to focus on.

I ask you to join me today, this day, right now, an ordinary day for most people. What would you have to do to find some love in your heart? Who could you think about that would bring a smile to your face? What memories could you bring into your awareness? What photos could you look at to remind you how good life can be? Who could you call to share love with? Who could you appreciate? What affirmation could you give yourself or pass on to another?

Just for the next 12 hours, make this a spectacular day by looking for what's right, what's working, what's magical, what's holy, and what's possible!

Be still for just five minutes today and send Love Light and joy up and out into the cosmos from your inner being and you will recieve many great blessings back tenfold.

Like an artist, start painting a picture of the best life ever for yourself! That artistry starts with a thought and the possibilities of what you can create are endless!

Best always, RD

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